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Air Greece | Boeing 737-400



Air Greece | Boeing 737-400

Launched by the same investors that launched Air Cyprus, Air Greece spread it wings across Europe in the 1990's as well. Doing charters and scheduled flights in a joint-operation agreement with Air Cyprus, they soon expanded into a world airline. With most operations being in Europe, they also had and still have long-haul operations. Air Greece had a fleet of A300's, A310's, 737's and a handful of 747's until these were replaced by newer aircraft.

This particular 737 has been written off after it overran the runway in Corfu.


    Exits look like they'd be ass to have to paint with all those little stripes in the cheatline.


    Livery looks noice!

    Lmao yeah, atleast they'd have something to keep em busy 


    Thank you!