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Frontier A320 Fyre The Flicker


Template by Mees. Livery by ColonelCactus.

Frontier A320 Fyre The Flicker

I decided to make a Frontier Airlines a320 Neo in a livery using a vector art style rather than the actual photos they currently use. I think this one turned out Ok, but I might give it another shot later with a different animal.

I decided to use the Northern Flicker as the species for this concept. The Northern Flicker is a species of Woodpecker found across almost all of the continental United States as well as parts of Canada. Unlike most woodpeckers, the Northern Flicker is commonly found on the ground feeding on ants and rarely pecks on trees like the rest of it's family. It's tongue is longer than those of other woodpeckers, and helps it pull ants out from their nests. The tongue is so long it attaches at the front of it's scull and wraps all the way around the top of the skull. The Bird has 2 variations, with a Yellow Shafted variety common on the East Cost and the Red Shafted variant depicted here common on the West Cost. Both varieties' can be identified with their black speckled body and the Iridescent respective Yellow or Red underside to their wings and tail.

The Northern Flicker is a bird I've seen in my own backyard on numerous occasions and one I have grown fond of over the years.

    I gotta say, you've got some serious skills with these vector artworks. Great job!