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Monument Stan Trout Livery a320


Template by Mees. Livery by ColonelCactus.

Monument Stan Trout Livery a320

In 1978 with the introduction of the Airline Deregulation act, Monument no longer received government subsidies to help offset operating losses and the airline now faced stiffer competition in it's Denver hub. This would result in the airline abandoning many of the smaller routes the airline was initially created to serve to focus on longer intercity routes with more demand. The airline would quickly adopt the new LCC buisness model made possible by the airline in addition. To increase profits, the airline would lay off staff, reduce the fleet size, cut wages, and demote Salt Lake from a hub to a focus city. These changes would prompt a 3 month long strike in 1981 that would push the airline to Bankruptcy. With profits plummeting in the early 80s and competitors eager for a merger, Monument employees would decide to collectively purchase the airline in 1982 to save the company they had built with their hard work over the previous 36 years. The airline would go through a restructuring process to streamline the fleet, eliminate operating inefficiencies, and convert the airline from a no-frills low cost carrier to an airline focused on delivering a high level of service to it's customers. The airline would quickly return to profitability and eventually become one of the largest airlines in the United states.

With the 1978 transition to a Low Cost Carrier, the airline would introduce a new livery and brand designed by world famous designer Stan Trout. The livery would be used until 1996 with the logo remaining in use today. Posted Image

    based and moumentpilled

    Please, stop being so good. It's actually becoming stressful now.

    Excellent work. The livery is very nice, and the story you tell makes me love this company. I find it all very realistic, and I would really like to see this livery in real life. Well done :) 

    Stan trout. what a guy

    literally stan ihmself!


    Colours are great I'm happy to finally get s Monument retro


    Keep your hands off. Stan's mine.

    Stan Trout is an icon. 


    Livery is awesome!