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Yangtze & Yangtze Yunnan Boeing 737-800

Yangtze & Yangtze Yunnan Boeing 737-800

Yangtze Airlines has been operating the 737 family since its foundation in 1989, and received its first 737NG series aircraft in 2004. Most of the airline's 737s has since been retrofitted with scimitars or winglets. The 737 makes up a major part of Yangtze's fleet, with 35 Boeing 737-700s, 205 Boeing 737-800s, and 115 Boeing 737-900ERs currently in service with either Yangtze Airlines or Yangtze Yunnan Airlines.

In 2003, Yangtze Airlines merged with Air Yunnan to form Yangtze Yunnan Airlines, based in Kunming (KMG). While they have a different livery, Yangtze Yunnan operate under the Yangtze callsign and functions more as a branch of Yangtze Airlines rather than a separate airline. Yangtze Yunnan initially operated Air Yunnan's fleet of old 737-300 and 737-400 jets, but has since replaced them with older Yangtze Airlines 737-700 and 737-800 jets. They also operate a Boeing 787-9 during peak travel season, although only 737s have been painted in the green and blue livery, as the 787 would retain the Yangtze red livery with only the Yangtze Yunnan title added on the fuselage. Yangtze Yunnan also operates some of Yangtze's last 737-800 without scimitars or winglets.

Aircrafts Pictured:
B-5724, Boeing 737-86A "Ningbo", delivered to Yangtze Airlines in 2008, scimitars fitted in 2017, operated by the Guangzhou branch.
B-6032, Boeing 737-86A, delivered to Yangtze Airlines in 2005, initially named "Osaka", operated by the Shanghai branch. Transferred to Yangtze Yunnan in 2015.

p.s. if you haven't noticed yet, Yangtze Airlines is China Eastern.


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