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China Western Boeing 767 300


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China Western Boeing 767 300

By early 1998, China Western was starting to discuss the idea of replacing their now aging TU-154s. Having already struck deals with other Chinese airlines, Boeing offered a deal that China Western couldn’t refuse. Boeing would sell China Western B757-200s, B767-300s, and their recently launched B737-800s at a slight discount to replace China Western’s TU-154s. This deal would also include options for 777-200ERs. Boeing did this even though they were offering all of this to quite a small airline at the time, and there was a chance that China Western would end up in debt. China Western agreed, wanting to establish themselves as a creditable legacy carrier and replace their fuel/maintenance hog TU-154s with shiny new fuel-efficient American jets.

The B767-300ER would mostly be used for international flights within East and Southeast Asia. This includes their first international flight from Chengdu to Bangkok. They can also occasionally be seen flying domestic flights between the hubs of Chengdu and Chongqing and the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. This is also the first time the airline's English name appeared on the plane, since it did international flights. Planes that only did domestic flights, (737-800, see previous slide,) would only have the Chinese name and it would stay that way until the livery changed. The 767 has the same livery as the 737, introduced in 1998 with it starting to be phased out in 2001 and it being completely phased out in 2006.