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Amstelair: Leap. | Embraer E190-E2



Amstelair: Leap. | Embraer E190-E2




Morgen! This is Leap. One of Amstelair's subsidiaries, operating mostly regional flights across Europe for Amstel, with a fleet of E-jets only. The E-jets replaced the old fokker fleet that the airline operated for a very long time. The E2 is the airline's newest addition and is gonna help the airline grow further into Europe. Now the name was inspired by Hop!, one of Air France's subsidiaries and I thought it was kinda cute. I was gonna use an exclamation mark for a logo, but just kept it simple and used the entire name as a logo and the coloured period as seen on the fuse. This regional airline is very loyal to Embraer and to show their appreciation, they decided to have one of their new E2's painted in Embraer's house livery. It sports a lion on the nose, which represents the Dutch Lion seen on the coat of arms of The Netherlands. Such a scheme was also made on a few Embraer E2 prototype's and they fly around as 'Profit Hunters'. The E's are named after the smaller Dutch cities, towns and villages.


    s*** this is nice.

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    smh where is the 195  :sly:

    smh where is the 195  :sly:


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