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Finlandair Airbus A319 Neo


AJB - Med

Finlandair Airbus A319 Neo




Callsign - Suomi

Airbus A319 Neo


Founded in 1923 with the name Suomi Lentoyhtiöt the airline quickly became the national carrier for Finland, initially operating domestic and inter-scandic routes it quickly grew to operate international services within Europe, pausing briefly during world war 2 to operate services for the Air Force and Finnish government the airline became an integral part of evacuating children from the air raids in Finland's major cities to the safety of smaller northern towns. Post war the airline wanted to revitalize itself and re-emerged as Finlandair, quickly growing to dominate both domestic and international travel within Finland, growing to become the airline it is known as today.

Finlandair is continuously working to improve efficiency and become a green airline and part of Finlandair's fleet modernization initiative was to replace the fleet of current generation Airbus narrowbodies with Airbus's newest generation, to lower emissions and improve efficiency. Initially the airline placed orders for eight Airbus A319 Neo aircraft before changing the majority of the A319 order for Airbus A220's, however they kept two orders for the type, initially planned to enter service at the end of 2020 with plans postponed until the end of 2021 for delivery.

(This is the final attempt at reviving this brand)

    real nice

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    Good job! Although given the similarity in performance and cost, one can wonder why an airline would order a 319neo and not a 320 at this point.

    Looks like you got the tail sorted out, looks great!

    This livery is simply fantastic