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Boeing 737 MAX 8 ET-AMA

Boeing 737 MAX 8 ET-AMA

Aircraft Type: Boeing 737 MAX-8
Registration: ET-AMA
Aircraft History:
Delivered to: (Amhara Airways Ethiopia on 7/11/17)
Seating Config: 16 Business Class Seats, 12 Premium+ Economy, 120 Economy

    Too bootleg Ethiopian Airlines. The fonts are a bit weird, the lion is random (though a nice concept to explore). Overall, good attempt but needs some more work!

    I actually really like this livery! Though, to be fair, I don't think the MAX would be a good option for Amhara...

    i changed it a little bit by putting an outline around the lion. It makes the tail 100% better. Also: 


    the lion is random 

    I put that there because it was the national animal of Ethiopia. So then I thought it would also suit the tail especially with the updated outline. 


    Also AirplaneNiner this is based in Addis Ababa so Amhara was a region we choose to be for an Ethiopian based airline. Note : this airline does have A340's, 777's, and 787's

    Like I said, the lion is a nice idea to explore, but in this execution it adds no value. The tail colors could also be a bit brighter (they look a tad Malian).


    Otherwise a decent Ethiopian clone.