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Union World Cargo Boeing 747-100SF

Union World Cargo Boeing 747-100SF

Aircraft Photographed:

Boeing 747-100 | N7409E
Pratt & Whitney JT9D-3A
Delivered to Western World Airways, 1970
Seized by Boeing, 1972
Stored at MZJ, 1973
Purchased by Union World Cargo, 1973
Converted Boeing 747-100(SF), 1974
Retired from Union World Cargo, 1993
Stored at MHV, 1994
Scrapped, 2001
Status: Scrapped

Although the Boeing 747-100 never had a dedicated freighter version, it did not restrict Union from adding the jets to their World Cargo fleet. In the early 1970s, Union executives came up to Boeing asking for the whereabouts of seized or abandoned 747s in order to convert them into freighters. They obtained 6 used 747-100s and completely overhauled them in their facilities at SFO. Once again, towards the late 70s, the jets were stripped of their old JT9D-3A engines during an overhaul and fitted with the much more powerful, and much more reliable JT9D-7A. These jets would slowly be phased out and by the mid-1990s, they would be completely retired. Union still has 747-100 simulators at their training facilities, yet they are only used on lease to other airlines which still fly the relic.

This jet, N7409E, was delivered to Western World Airways in 1970, and seized in 1972. In 1973, it was purchased by Union World Cargo and converted into a freighter. In 1993, the jet was retired and stored at the Mojave Air and Space Port. In 2001, it was broken up for scrap. It’s registration was sawed out of it’s empennage during scrapping and it now in the home of a very avid collector.