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Englandair National Day livery

Englandair National Day livery

A concept design of a England national day livery on a 747-100

    Not a bad start for what appears to be your first upload here (apart from the other one that you uploaded simultaneously). I have a few comments/suggestions:

    1. Make sure all your layers are in order. The rose on the tail isn't on the right layer - it should be just above the 'Tail' layers, and below all the tail details, tail effects, etc.

    2. This definitely needs more details - registration, flag, aircraft type, etc.

    3. The font doesn't seem to match the era this is meant to be from.

    4. The name 'Englandair' isn't taboo for a UK-based airline, but the extreme emphasis on the English flag seems like it wouldn't work. Don't get me wrong, I think the flag works design-wise, but I feel like this livery would piss off the Scots and the Welsh, especially if the airline is meant to be a British flag carrier/major airline of some sort...

    In any case, keep it up, I'm sure you've got a bright future ahead of you!