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Air Scotland Boeing 737 Max 7


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Air Scotland Boeing 737 Max 7

Air Scotland



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Boeing 737 Max 7


Air Scotland was the first European airline and one of few international airlines to place orders for the Boeing 737 Max 7, with two of the type ordered and delivery originally anticipated for the summer of 2020, however due to the global grounding of the Boeing Max fleet and the global pandemic of Covid19 delivery of the type has been delayed until such time that it is deemed safe and certified to re-enter commercial service.

The Boeing 737 Max 7 was ordered by Air Scotland to operate the airlines rush hour services to and from London Heathrow as well as operating the companies most unique route from Edinburgh to St. John's and Halifax being the only European airline to service the city of St. John's, the route for Air Scotland subsidized in part by the Canadian government is also integral for cargo transport to and from Scotland.

The type is fitted with Air Scotland's international business class and international economy cabin, though premium economy has not been introduced on the Max 7.

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