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Air Scotland Boeing 737-700


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Air Scotland Boeing 737-700

Air Scotland



Callsign - Scottish

Boeing 737-700


Air Scotland first introduced the Boeing 737-700 in 2008 when the airline launched services to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in Canada, deeming the 757 to be too large for this thin route the Boeing 737-700 was the perfect type to fill the niche, and allowed Air Scotland to expands its presence within the Canadian market. The routes proved to be a success allowing passengers to fly point to point as well as offering connections at both ends onto the rest of Canada and vise versa Europe.

The 737-700 is fitted with Air Scotland's full international business class product, alongside premium economy and economy seating. Rumors for the order of the Boeing 737 Max 7 have circulated however as of yet Air Scotland Group has made no mention of placing an order for the type.

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