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Air Scotland Airbus A319 NEO


AJB - Med - Air Scotland Group

Air Scotland Airbus A319 NEO

Air Scotland



Callsign - Scottish

Airbus A319 NEO


The official unveiling of Air Scotland's new livery, a stray away from the original design, showcased on the Airbus A319 Neo albeit the A319 will be the last of the Neo variants to enter service. The new livery design was done to create a cleaner, more sleek look, with the lion becoming a prominent feature on the livery, and the lion having been given a crown.

The new design will be applied to all new aircraft entering service with Air Scotland. The first being the Airbus A320neo, followed by the A321 and A321LR variants, which will replace all older 737 variants and the current grounded Max fleet.

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