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Air Scotland

Air Scotland Group officially released the preview from the upcoming launch of their brand renewal program, aptly named Project Beyond. Originally discussed within Air Scotland at the beginning of 2019 the idea was to refresh the brand and update the livery however at the time was not yet named Project Beyond.

Since the grounding of the Boeing Max fleet and the engine issues that have plagued the Dreamliner causing significant disruption to Air Scotland's operations, the airline embarked on a much larger project, Project Beyond, not only refreshing the brand, giving Air Scotland a new logo design, font, livery and new branding, but also officially announcing today the cancellation of their orders for the Boeing 737 Max fleet, and the return of all current operational (grounded) Max aircraft to the lessors when the grounding is lifted. In line with this orders for the Airbus Neo family of aircraft have been confirmed, with the first to enter service before the end of the year.

No official announcement has been made regarding the current fleet of Dreamliner's.