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Pōrīnetia Airbus A330-200

Pōrīnetia Airbus A330-200

Airline - Pōrīnetia
Aircraft - Airbus A330-200 | F-OLOV
Delivered to Pōrīnetia, 2002
Livery - "Liberté d'exploration", 2009
Country - France

Pōrīnetia would place orders for the Airbus A330-200 in the late 90's in order to begin replacing aging A300's. It would receive its first A330 in 1999, flying an inaugural flight from Fa'a'ā to Brisbane.

    Love the tail!

    Love the tail!

    Pretty nice


    luv it!

    I love the overall design, especially the tail, but I kind of feel like the red logo makes the title look like PorinetiaX, and it doesn't really go with the intricate design on the tail when overlaid like that.


    Really like this

    I love this!