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Union Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 10

Union Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 10

Aircraft Photographed:

Boeing 737 MAX 10 | N7332F
CFM International LEAP-1B
Expected Delivery, 2020
Status: On Order

The Boeing 737 has always been a staple in the Union fleet since it was first introduced in the 60s and continues to be one to this day. With over 150 737NG, it’s easy to see what the next move would be for Union. This move would be the 737 MAX. In a staggering order, Union has over 175 MAX on order, 30 of which being a MAX 10 like shown above. Union will be the all-time launch customer for the 737 MAX 10 and one of it’s rare few operators. All equipped with the super efficient LEAP engines, Union would be saving millions per year on jet fuel and maintenance costs. These jets are poised to replace the 737-800 on higher-density routes and fly further than any 737 ever while carrying many more people. The first of these jets are expected to enter service in 2020, operating out of the San Francisco hub primarily. Then, they will branch out to every other hub and dominate North America.

This jet, N7332F, is expected to be the first 737 MAX 10 delivered to Union Airlines. It will have a special “First To Fly MAX 10” sticker on the side of it. It’s inaugural flight is intended to be from San Francisco to Honolulu.

There have been no incidents aboard a Union Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 10 as it has not entered service yet.

    oof too bad its grounded