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Finlandair Airbus A330-941 NEO


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Finlandair Airbus A330-941 NEO

Finlandair Oy



Callsign - Finn

Airbus A330-941 NEO


June of 2019 will see the delivery of Finlandair's first new aircraft in over a decade, and the first ever Airbus to operate within the Finlandair fleet, not only does this mark a milestone for Finlandair it also marks the first Airbus A330Neo to operate in Northern Europe.

With the aging fleet of Boeing 767 widebody aircraft, a suitable widebody replacement was sought, with Finlandair's management looking at both Boeing and Airbus products, and while the Dreamliner was initially the go to aircraft, issues arose with replacements for the Boeing 757 fleet, with Airbus offering the closest comparison aircraft for the job, thus pushing Finlandair to order new Airbus aircraft to replace the 757 fleet and in turn their entire Boeing fleet.

Over the course of 24 months Finlandair will see the delivery for 6 Airbus A330-900 Neo aircraft and 9 Airbus A321 Neo and Neo LR aircraft, thus retiring the current 767 & 757 fleet.

A revised livery will been launched with the delivery of the Airbus NEO fleet, with a deeper gradient on the tail, larger logo, new typeface and euro white fuselage featuring Finlandair titles on the belly.

- Finlandair Livery 2019 -

Personally modified A330Neo Template, with my own modifications and mergers of both Edge and Med's template designs.

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    New livery is beautiful, the deep gradient on the tail makes it look super dignified. I also really like what you've done with the template, is there a chance you'll make it publicly available at some point?

    This is excellent!