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Finlandair Boeing 767 300 (Double)


AJB & Med

Finlandair Boeing 767 300 (Double)

Finlandair Oy



Callsign - Finn

Boeing 767-300


Finlandair gradually painted their fleet into the new livery as their aircraft would go through routine maintenance, the Boeing 767-300 fleet was actually the last to be painted in the new livery some 2 years after the official unveiling of it, and after the entire 757 fleet had been done.

As with the Boeing 757 fleet, the Boeing 767 received a major cabin overhaul during the repainting process, and would later also be equipped with the winglets as they were introduced to the market.

- Finlandair Livery 2005-2018 -

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    Real nice livery you got here :D

    Pretty nice job!
    It’s almost like I’ve seen this beauty before...

    It’s almost like I’ve seen this beauty before...


    Lmao shes a popular girl!

    She's back :wub:

    I can’t help but feel the slightest bit of deja vu. Either way, amazing livery!



    This airline is stunning. :D

    truly my favourite livery ever!

    seriously a work of art