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Azorean Airlines Boeing 767 300ER


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Azorean Airlines Boeing 767 300ER

Azorean Airlines
Callsign - Azorean

Boeing 767-300ER


In 2014 Azorean Airlines purchased a single Boeing 767-300ER with the idea to replace the Boeing 767-200ER in service, however both aircraft subsequently operated side by side for a further 12 months before the -200ER was eventually stored. The Boeing 767-300ER remains in service with Azorean Airlines to this day operating alongside the original fleet of Boeing 757’s, however now operating scheduled operations after Azorean Airlines withdrew from the charter market in 2016 to focus on operating as a gateway for Africa and North/South America and Europe.

The Livery showcased operated from 2006-2016.


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