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Airbus A330-300 | VH-MKA |


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Airbus A330-300 | VH-MKA |

As TransAustralian is a wide-body fleet operator, the airline has 33 of Airbus A330-300 in service for Asia and New Zealand flights.

Note from author: it may be similar to SAA abit...

    It reminds me of South African Airways a bit

    I don't think blue is the best colour for this. Maybe something similar to the yellow/orange you got going on there.

    It’s kinda cool ^_^
    I like it ^^
    It doesn't have the Australian feel

    I would've made the arrow slightly smaller to kind of leave a small gap between the other yellow bit and the trailing edge of the tail, but I thing this is another fantastic brand otherwise. Great work!


    Also bar the similar (definitely NOT copycat) angles in the logo this looks absolutely nothing like SAA.

    this is good but could be better :)

    Ugh... This could look so much better. I suggest using a darker blue and point the arrow up like in the logo. Along with moving the text above the window.

    I like it how you make an airline, scrap it, and then make another that’s basically the same design as the previous one
    Yeah.. I'm just not creative enough today...